BUYERs – how to find the perfect home?

Buying a home can be very exciting and is a large investment.

In order to find the perfect home, there are many items to consider that should fit your needs – from the type of home, the community to the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and amenities. 

We are here to help save time, energy and money and are available on a professional full-time basis:

– Up to date market knowledge
– Network and media resources
– Personalized attention and detail
– Contacts and referrals (home inspectors, lenders, attorneys…)

These are factors when considering a home purchase:
What type of home: condo or single family
Location: city, town, PUD, schools
Lifestyle considerations: single story, multi story, walk-out basement, floor plan, amenities, outdoor
Determine what is wanted on the inside: bedrooms, bathrooms, closet space, work space, importance of view, large windows…

As we get to know the characteristics and neighborhoods wanted, we will serve you as follows:
– Preview properties
– Locate the right property
– Solidify the best financing: loans and pre approval
– Inspection report of property
– SPCD: seller property condition disclosures
– Title report: title insurance (lenders policy, should a loan be needed)
– Estimate of buyer costs (lender fees, appraisal, pro-rated property taxes)
– Presenting offer to seller and negotiating best deal (acceptance and counter offers)
– Complete contract to closing: escrow management
– Ensure that all is well with full disclosure and completion of sale.  

As a professional real estate team, we will explain all applicable real estate documents pertaining to a transaction.  We will review and advise of offers, counter offers, and multiple offers and all other paperwork throughout the closing process. 

With a binding contract, we will safeguard your interests.

We strive to find you the home of your dreams.