A REALTOR is a federally registered real estate professional and also a member of NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS.

A REALTOR’S job is to create an agreement between a buyer and a seller to transact a  Real Estate at a favorable price for both parties.

People in general sense matches the term REALTOR with Real Estate agents, which is not the same there is much difference between a REALTOR and a REAL ESTATE AGENT.

Though a REALTOR and a Real Estate agent both have legal rights to sell real estate. The realtor has taken a strict code of ethics. This means they practice and promote a fair, ethical and honesty toward all parties in every transaction.

Their practice of ethics as per the universal declaration of human rights follows the article 17, along with the general norms of the transaction. Their standards are stricter than other license holders in the same business and motivated solely to their job and its fairness.

The REALTOR and its full association try to make their work as smooth as possible and as a professional worker he always puts their best efforts. And to keep up the excellent work, they arrange various facilities like strict training for their members. This keeps their dedication and goodwill to their all customers.

So, if you are planning to sell or buy your property, you certainly need to consult a REALTOR for maximum revenue out of your transaction.