Customarily, a real estate agent insures a fair and equitable transaction through the bringing together of a buyer and seller in a real estate transaction.

Many people use the term “REALTOR®” and “real estate agent” interchangeably, however, there are many differences. 

Not every real estate agent or broker is a REALTOR®.  Bother have a license to sell real estate in their respective states, however, the main difference between a REALTOR® and a real estate agent is that REALTORS® have taken an official oath to adhere to an enforceable code of ethics.  This code of ethics includes a standards of practice that promotes the fair, ethical, and equal treatment of all parties involved.

The 17 articles in the code of ethics are strictly enforced.  The underlying standards of practice are also more restrictive than that of a “non-realtor” or standard real estate agent.

The “R” logo, and the term “REALTOR®” are registered trademarks and can only be used by the National Association of REALTOR® and can legally be used by bonifide REALTOR® members. 

Also, REALTOR® associations offer extra training courses to the REALTOR® members to help assure that REALTORS® serve their customers with a higher level of attention and knowledge in a real estate transaction.